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Essentials for Remote Onboarding

2020 has changed way we work forever.

Whether your team is working in a hybrid model or you have team members that are fully remote… you will need dynamic solutions to overcome the new challenges that remote working can present.

Get yourself a Buddy

Put yourself in your new recruits shoes. They’ve landed the job, nodded, smiled and agreed their way through an induction… it looks like they are ready to get to work! Maybe not. Panic tends to set in once they realise they haven’t fully understood both company and team dynamics.

We recommend setting up your new recruit with a work buddy. Their role is to check in as often as possible with the new starter, that might be for a task-based chat, a coffee natter (in-person or virtual!) or even a gossip about the latest episode Bridgerton (Who is Lady Whistledown?!)

The buddy system will put your new starters at ease, they will spend less time worrying about insignificant problems and be more productive as a result – what a result!

Plan the Induction Plan! 

Nothing says a company doesn’t value its new talent more than a lazy and underdeveloped onboarding process. Sometimes businesses might get away with a poor induction by having plenty of colleagues being on hand in the office to lend a helping hand, but with remote work it’s super important that the induction is well thought out, slick and organised.

The most important aspect of a smooth induction is to put in the hard yards before your new starter starts! You should have the following set up before their first day:

  1. Email account set up – get their signature sorted and if your company uses inbox filters, be a star and set these up too.
  2. Calendar invites – Set up some meetings for your newbie with key people in the business, a short history of the company and set a date for regular role reviews.
  3. Set up a clear ‘to do’ list – Maybe your company uses Monday, Trello or Asana. Get a new board set up with plenty of tasks your new start can get through.
  4. Organise an onboarding game so the new starter gets to meet the team

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